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Celebrate Jewish lullabies

  • There are few things that are better than a soothing lullaby. A lull-a-bye, collection for the whole family to treasure.

  • Includes songs from Aviva Chernick, Yael Meyer, David Broza, Elana Jagoda, The Pop Ups, Josh Nelson, Linda Hirschorn, Marsha Attie, Moshav, Noah Aronson, Shirav, Saul Kaye, and Craig Taubman

  • Family comes first special - Grab 2 for the price of 1! Click here to order.)

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Download Craig 'N Co. Here

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Jewish Music

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One Shabbat Morning
The Best of the Rest


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For Kids and the Family

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Sheet Music


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Celebrate Series

Welcome to Celebrate Series - your ultimate Jewish music source. Celebrate Series features well-known contemporary Jewish musicians, providing soundtracks for Jewish life and celebration.

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Music Club

We love our Celebrate Series artists! We love them so much that we are offering you 20 Great CD's that represent the entire rainbow of Jewish music. This is a great opportunity to build your Jewish music collection with some of the best music out there. Choose any two CD's in the music club for $20. That's no typo. Act fast, quantities are VERY limited!

Kol B'Seder
Kol B'Seder - Snapshots
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