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Hanukkah Special to Air on PBS
All About Kids Magazine.com v2.0
October, 2008

features well-known contemporary Jewish musicians, performing themed compilation soundtracks for Jewish life and celebration.

29 days of inspiration from wonderful national community leaders, teachers, artists and thinkers.

Craig has composed some great new music. See
What he's been up to and find out how you can
commission a piece.

Passover Bread of Affliction
a lesson plan

Creating and Invigorating Prayer
Support material that may be helpful in
creating and sustaining prayer experiences

What is Jewish Music
a lesson plan

Lesson Plans from the 2005 CAJE Conference
click here to download

FaithJAM, is an exciting new performance concept that brings together faith groups for an inspirig evening of song and spirit.

I can't adequately tell you how moved I was by Saturday evening's production. Each performance was outstanding, but the whole gestalt crept up on me.

........-Rabbi Daniel Freedlander

I am still dazzled and moved
by FaithJam

........-Lisa Colton

What you have created is important and extraordinary.

........- Peri Smilow

Want to bring FaithJAM to your community? Call Rachel at 1-800-627-2448

The Hanukkah Lounge

Looking for a great place to chill out?? Visit the Hanukkah Lounge. Win Prizes, Learn how to make a Hanukkah-Tini, Feed Odin the Lounge Dog! It's fun, it's free and it's open 24 hours a day, six days a week!

Dancing Dreidels
Dreidels Dreidels Dreidels

Jewish educational books and software
for children and adults

Stuart Matlins produces great books...
he's a nice guy too!

Delicious Recipes